Just an introduction to Mindfulness meditation can ease physical pain: Study

A team of researchers has found that even a brief introduction to mindfulness meditation could ease physical pain.

The study, published in the journal Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience is very significant for both managing chronic pain and overcoming addiction or lowering stress levels.

The study was conducted on 17 people aged between 18 to 45 who were into meditation for the first time and after the neuro scientific experiments, it was  found that those who practiced mindfulness meditation had significant relief in their physical pain and could  manage negative emotions.

Dr. Hedy Kober, an associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at Yale University in New Haven,CT  who led the study, endorsed the findings stating that “Emotion regulation using mindful acceptance was associated with reductions in reported pain and negative affect, reduced amydala responses to negative images, and reduced heat-evoked responses in medical and lateral pain systems.”

The Physical pain experiments, according to Kober was  as if the brain had responded to warm temperature, not very high heat.

“The ability to stay in the moment when experiencing pain or negative emotions suggests there may be clinical benefits to mindfulness practice in chronic conditions as well-even without long meditation practice.” Kober adds.

Importance meditation

Meditation is the best way towards attaining the joy of self-realization and returning to the nature. Meditation helps in improving the awareness and expelling the unwanted and unhealthy thoughts, thus keeping the consciousness immaculate.  What remains in the consciousness is pure bliss.

Mindfullness Meditation: Make sure that your spine is straight. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, concentrating completely on breathing, and be very mindful of the process of breathing, experiencing breathing in and breathing out. Concentrate on every single part of your body one by one. Continue the same for almost 10 minutes and then move your concentration to the sounds around you. It is important that you do not judge these sounds, but rather just experience them as they are. Continue the same for almost 5-6 minutes.

Slowly open your eyes, move your concentration to what you see around you, and again be careful that you do not judge them but rather just experience the mere vision of them. All this time, you should be aware of your body as well as your breath. In the beginning, it could appear to be quite difficult, but with practice, one would be able to experience the real joy of mindful- meditation. In course of time, you will understand that you have fallen in love with the mere act of existence.