Kanishk Yadav, requests for an opportunity to serve the covid ward; he is a true hero, says world

New Delhi: Although corona times are times of fear we need to be constantly reminded of the whole lot of people that work for us fearlessly, sacrificing their own lives so that many others may live and be happy.

One such person, that needs to be named and praised for his selfless attitude is Kanishk Yadav, who is a nurse working at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. He is being named a true hero of the covid times by people all over the world.

This male nurse wrote a letter to the AIIMS administration requesting them to consider him to be deputed to the corona ward due to his innate desire to serve there. In his request letter, he asked the authorities to consider him also to be part of the team serving the covid-19 patients.

‘Please appoint me at the covid 19 trauma center ward at AIIMS, Delhi. I have an experience of seven years working in emergency situations at hospitals. If you appoint me, I will serve and support not just my colleagues but will also counsel those that are depressed because of the attack from the virus. By getting an opportunity to work here, I will motivate all my colleagues too who are part of this team. I finally request the AIIMS administration to kindly consider my application,’ These in short are few lines from the application.