Keto Diet: A cheat day can be extremely dangerous to Your health

Though most of the individuals follow some kind of diet, it is quite common that all take a day off from the diet which is often called as a cheat day. The keto diet that has recently become famous for being effective in weight loss and for the control of diabetes, demands persistence and even a single cheat meal that includes excessive glucose than the prescribed quantity can be extremely detrimental to health.

Ketiosis is the process in which the required energy for the body is attained from the intense breaking down of proteins and fats in the absence of the usual providers, glucose. This excessive burning of proteins and fats leads to better metabolism along with weight loss. The diet is also famous for its control over diabetes.

A recent study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan, Canada (UBCO) has proved that even a single cheat meal during keto diet can have extremely negative effects on the health and the study was published in the journal Nutrients.

The study was conducted on 9 healthy and young males who followed a keto diet with a 75 gm glucose drink before and after the diet. On tests for biomarkers, it showed that the sudden spike in glucose caused a state wherein the blood vessel walls were damaged and were similar to that of a cardiovascular patient.

Though the number of participants in the study was very less, there is a call for further researches in the field. But the fact remains that there are chances that a cheat meal during a diet could be detrimental to the health.