Lack of sleep will change your behavior

If you have had a troublesome sleep at night, it is almost certain that you will have to face its repercussions during the daytime on the next day. There are all chances that you become stressed, angry and completely bummed out during day time.It has been scientifically proved that sleeplessness at night can trigger anger during daytime. In a study conducted by the Lava University of United States, It has been proved that anyone who had to experience sleeplessness for more than two hours during a night would be preyed up on by anger during daytime.

The study also has in its results that those who lack proper sleep at night is prone to distress and disappointment and therefore there are chances that such individuals become heavily stressed if the habit occurs for a prolonged period of time.

The study was published in the Journal of Experiments in Psychology. It has in its inferences that those individuals who are usually calm in nature may tend to become very harsh towards others. The study was conducted in people who lost sleep for more than two hours and scientists observed the behaviors or of the participants during daytime to reach the conclusion.

Unlike their usual behavior, they were very angry,distressed and rude to others.  Loud sounds made them extremely tensed and a visible change in their attitude was noticed. According to medical science, a healthy man should sleep at least seven hours a day.