Lioness adopts a leopard cub

Nature has its own ways to nurture and sustain the beings which are a part of it. Adhering to this basic character of nature, in a rather rare phenomenon to human eyes, a lioness in the Gir forest in Gujarat has adopted a one-and-half month old leopard cub separated from its mother. The incident was reported by the forest officials of the state.

Dheeraj Mithal, the Deputy Deputy Conservator of Forest, Gir-West division spoke to the media on the phenomenon and added that the lioness spotted in the Gir-west division is taking care, feeding and also safeguarding the leopard cub along with two of its own cubs. The lioness is also keen in keeping the leopard cub from the lions which might kill the cub. The rare event was first spotted by the staff of the forest department around a week ago.

The photos and videos shared by the officials show the leopard cub extremely at ease with the mother lioness and the lioness taking extra care of the cub, unlike the usual tendency of lions to attack leopards. She even keeps her pace to match the cub while roaming around. The cub also seems to understand the signs and sounds of the mother lioness and this usually doesn’t happen.

Though there are no plans for the officials to retrieve the cub, the forest staff is keeping a close watch on the lioness and cub in order to ensure the safety of both.