Lost your sense of smell and taste? Check for COVID-19, says US Health Department

If you suddenly feel that you have lost your sense of smell and taste, please rush to the nearest doctor and get yourself checked, warns authorities from the US health department. The authorities say that these are signs and symptoms when the coronavirus enters your body and so people facing this problem should self-isolate themselves as quickly as possible.

An official report regarding this was released on March 22. This was found through a joint study conducted by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Department and the American Health Department. The study declared that loss of taste and smell are one of the main symptoms for infection from coronavirus. Authorities pointed out that, many coronavirus infected people were seen to have Anesmia, which is a disease caused due to loss of smell.

Other symptoms are cough and fever that is seen commonly in coronavirus infected people.

Jazz star of Utah was seen to have these symptoms of loss of sense of smell and taste and was later diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus.

He said that he was in this condition for four days continuously only after which he was diagnosed for the disease. Therefore, he requests all in this state to be precautions and seek treatment immediately.