Lufthansa to Double Weekly Flights on India to Germany Route

In a noteworthy development for air travelers, Lufthansa has unveiled a substantial expansion on its India-to-Germany route. Commencing June 2, 2024, the airline is poised to double its weekly frequency, offering passengers increased options and improved connectivity.

Presently operating three times a week on the India-Germany route, Lufthansa will elevate its services to an impressive six times weekly, catering to the rising demand for travel between the two nations. The enhanced schedule is designed to provide greater flexibility and convenience for both business travelers and leisure travelers.

Flight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeDays of Ops.
LH765Bengaluru02:20Munich08:00Daily Except Wed.
LH764Munich12:15Bengaluru00:40 (+1)Daily Except Wed.

Passengers can now avail of Lufthansa’s services every day of the week except Wednesdays, presenting a comprehensive array of choices for travel. The revised schedule underscores the airline’s dedication to meeting customer needs by providing enhanced accessibility to the popular Germany route.

The additional flights will provide passengers with a broader selection of departure and arrival times. LH765 will depart from India at 02:20 and land in Germany at 08:00, while the return flight, LH764, will take off from Germany at 12:15 and touch down in India at 00:40 the following day.

These adjusted timings are geared towards offering passengers convenient options for early-morning departures from India and late-night arrivals from Germany, ensuring seamless travel experiences.

This strategic move by Lufthansa underscores the airline’s commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of its passengers. By doubling the frequency of the India to Germany route, Lufthansa aims to enhance connectivity, elevate travel options, and contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable flying experience.

Travelers eager to capitalize on the increased frequency of the India-Germany route can find more information and make reservations through the official Lufthansa website or by contacting their preferred travel agents.

As Lufthansa continues to navigate the changing landscape of global travel, this expansion represents a positive stride towards rebuilding air connectivity and addressing the demands of passengers traveling between India and Germany.