Make planet earth proud for having carried you

Some wisdom thoughts from an anonymous author, which, we are sure, will inspire and encourage  you while entering the first day of the new decade. It’s just about thinking beyond, growing up and aspiring big visions of change.

GOD  has created everyone with infinite potential. You can either fly high tapping that infinity in you or just live your life as it seems.

Very often the reason why we don’t fly high is because we don’t pursue our dreams.  Do you have a dream, a vision that only you can take forward? That dream if pursued will bring joy, fulfillment and satisfaction to you as well as others. Now I would like to tell you a story which changed my thought process completely.

Apple computers  was founded inside the walls of a garage back in the 70s.

During the early stages Steve wanted to rope in an efficient and seasoned C.E.O into Apple for good.  Steve had been courting Sculley for quite some time trying to lure him into being the C.E.O of Apple. John Sculley was the celebrated vice-president at PepsiCo at the time and he was very well-known for making Pepsi the number one brand in the Cola Wars.

Being  one of the America’s top managers with a secure and highly paid position at PepsiCo, he  was a bit reluctant to join a bunch of young computer nerds at the West coast. One fine evening Steve and Sculley were looking over the Central Park from the balcony of Steve’s New York apartment. Steve suddenly surprised Sculley with one simple question “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to change the world?”The question shook Sculley literally and very soon John Sculley was in office as the new C.E.O of Apple Inc.

Most people have ordinary dreams like an own house, car, a comfortable job, an acceptable educational qualification, amassing profit and so on…. All their life they spent time chasing these dreams. Ironically, as years pass by they feel more and more unsettled instead of feeling established. More discontent than fulfillment. More blues than joy. By the time they realize this fact, they would have already wasted the best part of their life.

Now what are you doing ??  Just waking up every day to run behind that meaningless middle class dream  or shaping visions and setting goals to change the world?? Pursue that dream flight of your life.

Expectations from the surroundings, fear of failure and the ensuing embarrassment, are the main reasons as to why we don’t pursue such dreams.

But it’s just  about thinking beyond, growing up and aspiring visions of change.

All the famous, amazing and successful people we know are of the kind because they dared to live meaningful blockbuster dreams in their lives.

Make planet earth proud for having carried you. Live that personal tailor made infinite dream which God has designed for you. Yes you are destined to change the world. Don’t let the world to change you.

Life is all about living your extraordinary meaningful dream. So how do you want to spend the rest of your lives?? In mediocrity or do you want to change the world?

Live your dreams. Why to run when you can fly. Happy New Year!

Courtesy: Unknown author