Malabar civet takes to empty Kerala roads, Twitter doesn’t remain quiet

Malabar civet takes to empty Kerala roads, Twitter doesn’t remain quiet

So far, the 21-day lockdown seem to be successful as roads remain empty and people are seen commuting only to buy groceries or due to urgency. However, these empty quiet roads in some places in Kerala do have some rare visitors. Some pictures of wildlife roaming on these empty and quiet roads have already gone viral. Indian Forest Office, Parveen Kaswan shared one such video.

He captioned it as, “”A small Indian civet otherwise a nocturnal animal is freely walking during daytime at Meppayur Town, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. They are natural to this place. Just that less traffic makes them walk freely now. This one is following the Zebra crossing also. VC Unknown.”

Kaswan further tweeted, “I shared this earlier also. But sharing after confirming it once again. Some said it is 3D or he is walking strange. It is not 3D. Confirmed it. Also possible that it is sick. But they are nocturnal so finding difficult to walk in broad day. So sticking to black & white.”

The 14-second video shows a civet walking on the zebra crossing of an empty road during daytime in the Meppayur Town, Kozhikode, Kerala. In the clip, the civet can be seen walking slowly and looks tired. The Twitterati too felt the same.

Have a look at some comments on Twitter.

yes it seems sick. that is why i deleted it earlier to confirm that not a 3D image. But since they are nocturnal, so quite possible it is having tough time in walking in broad daylight.