Man escapes coronavirus lockdown by dressing as a bush, video goes viral

To contain the spread of  highly contagious coronavirus,  which has already claimed 37,815 lives and has affected over 7.8 lakh people,  nation wide lock downs  have been declared by many countries.

But, these long days and hours of self-isolation and social distancing seems to be affecting the physical and mental health of many individuals. To keep themselves busy and engaged, we have seen pictures and videos being shared in social media of people engaging themselves in bizarre and unthinkable activities.

Some are seen turning their kitchen floor to a treadmill while others are running marathons within the four walls of their flat.

These videos are already shared in social media and most of them have gone viral too. But, some are already feeling the heat of staying indoors and no kind of activity seems to catch their interest and make them engaged and lively throught the day. These people feel the need to go out everyday.

In such a desperate attempt to go out, a person got himself dressed from head-to-toe in foliage so that he won’t be spotted by the police or surveillance team. Dressed in this manner the person scurried down the quiet suburban street unnoticed.  “Reached new extremes of how to sneak out,” Madeline Mai-Davies is heard saying in the video.

The video shows the person hiding behind a bush before walking across the driveway.

Later, he is seen rolling on the street onto a lawn when a delivery truck passes by. At the end of the video, the person is seen hurrying to get back home with a brown package in his hand. But, before he makes it to the front door of his flat he drops to the floor only to get up a few seconds later.

This video has now gone viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with over 16.5 million views. While some netizens said it was not right for him to leave his house during a lockdown, many were highly impressed with his camouflaging and stealth skills.