Meditation techniques to stimulate sensibility

Meditation is not something that one practices for a fixed time. Rather, the total awareness of meditation should emanate into every single aspect or life so that it make one sensible to everything that is around him or her. Being aware of something is the process of knowing the essence of it without judgment of preconceived notions.

In a meditative state, one would experience being aware of not just things, but also of thoughts, fragrances, attitudes, emotions etc. Moreover, at such state, there is no element of judgment or curiosity in the mind. This can in fact help in understanding the core of the problems and find effective solutions to it.

Below are some initial practices that could help you be aware of things as they are:

  1. Feel the bath. When water falls on your body, feel and experience water droplets touching the various parts of your body and refreshing every single organ of your body. This would in course of time help you in understanding the preciousness of water.
  2. While you eat food, be aware of each and every single bite and know it with utmost sanctity. Food being the energy source for your body, it is extremely sacred. Have it with utmost intensity and awareness.
  3. Whenever you sit idle, be aware of your body and the breath. Be totally aware of the uniqueness and sanctity of it without contemplating or comparing it with someone else.
  4. Dancing to ones mind’s content is a good habit to drop down a judging mind to become aware of the things. One would thus blend with the rhythm of the universe, being totally aware of it.
  5. When you meet a person, hear him rather than judging. This would help you to understand him with your pure sensibility and compassion.
  6. Make your mornings, a time for being aware of your surroundings without ego. See how the sun rises, hear the wind and be fascinated by the music of the birds. This will make you a compassionate and sensible human being and eventually it become a permanent element of your character. Praveen vikkath