Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Health

Rich in plants and olive oil and low in meat and sugar, the Mediterranean diet is inspired by the eating patterns in Greece, Italy and Spain. There have been many studies in the past about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and these have proved quite a lot like extending life span and reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Coronary heart disease and stroke.

A new research study published in the JAMA Network Open focused on the underlying mechanisms of Mediterranean diet being effective in reducing cardiovascular diseases and the results were extremely promising. The study was based on the dietary habits of 25994 women, for over 12 years and these individuals were tested for almost 40 biomarkers and the results proved that Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of cardiovascular risk by quarter.

Though the researchers themselves testify there could be limitations for the study, the popularity of the Mediterranean diet is keeps on increasing, owing the health benefits it provides.