Mindfulness Meditation to rejuvenate yourself during quarantine

It is a well-known fact that  a calm mind keeps the body healthy. In this time of the  coronavirus pandemic too,  which forced the entire humanity to remain in home confinement across the world, the role of meditation  in taming a turbulent mind gets more significant. It is said being stressed out weakens the body and makes it more vulnerable for contracting diseases. 

This is the time  people across the world  find a little time to practice   meditation to maintain calm and drown the fears of  the deadly virus infection which have already taken over many lives. 

Medical service providers  are the worst sufferers as they are worried about the health of the  patients and their own health. The patients in isolation and the people under observation  are highly worried for their life.

At this situation, calming the mind is very important for all of us.  The isolated patients and those who are under observation in houses can practice meditation easily  as they don’t have to look for a particular time for that. Along with care and medicines, meditation can work wonders.

Isolation , keeping  hygiene, social distancing, intermittent washing of hands using soap, using sanitizer etc. are some of the measures now  followed by people to keep this deadly virus away. 

Another habit which we have to avoid in this bad time is abstaining from touching face, mouth, nose, eyes etc. Even though we know that it is imperative to prevent  getting infected, we tend to follow our instincts and touch our face. 

Practicing Mindfulness meditation would help in this regard.

If you really wish to follow the necessary instructions from health workers, it is necessary to have a decision to control your mind against  our habits and it can be achieved only through meditation. It calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Benefits of Mindfulness meditation 

1.Meditation is a process which helps getting aware of habitual  doings and get rid of them. You can also divert your thoughts  to some other matters which are not harmful. This technique can also be applied if you are on diet and trying hard to drop some extra pounds from your body.

2.Relaxation is the other benefit of meditation and that  would help enhance the B.M.R (Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the measurement of energy expenditure of a person during physical, emotional and digestive rest over a 24-hour period.)

3.Stress is one of the main reasons of getting unaware of things. This is because if you are in a stressful situation and seeking a way to get rid of it, you may fall into the habit of  doing things  unintentionally. Therefore, it is necessary to be relaxed, and being in a serene state without having any involvement of yourself. This will relieve the stress and over time it would become your character.

Mindfulness Meditation

While practicing it, make sure that your spine is kept  straight. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, and be very mindful of the process of breathing, experiencing breathing in and breathing out. Concentrate on every single part of your body one by one. Continue the same for almost 10 minutes and then move your concentration to the sounds around you. It is important that you do not judge these sounds, but rather just experience them as they are. Continue the same for almost 5-6 minutes.

Slowly open your eyes, move your concentration to what you see around you, and again be careful that you do not judge them but r just experience  the sight. All this time, be mindful of your body as well as your breath. In the beginning, it could appear to be quite difficult, but with practice, one would be able to experience the real mindful- meditation.

As you move forward you would experience that you are covered by an aura of peace where happiness blooms. This is something to be experienced and not explained. Take a short break from your activities  to practice this meditation and you will find that your life is absolutely changed.

P. V