Modi, Trump win hearts of Indian Americans, Mark new era in India-US friendship at ‘Howdy, Modi’

The presence of US President Donald Trump along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the ‘Howdy,Modi’ event on Sunday in Houston, Texas has opened a new chapter in the history of India-US friendship.
An extraordinary camaraderie between the leaders of the two large and old democracies in the world was very much felt throughout their speeches at the function.

The event was organized in honor of Prime Minister Modi by the Indian American Community in the US. Organized by Texas India Forum, the event with the tagline “Shared Dreams, Bright Futures” shed light on “the tremendous contribution of Indian Americans in the United States and the strong and lasting partnership between the US and India.
Prime Minister Modi introduced President Trump to the huge gathering of Indian Americans at the NRG stadium in Houston, as “a very special person whose presence at the event signals India has a true friend in the White House.”

The Prime Minister said President Trump “was a household name and very popular even before he won to occupy the highest office in this great country. From CEO to Commander-in-Chief, from boardroom to the Oval, from studios to global stage, from politics to the economy and to security he had left a deep and lasting impact everywhere…” He said he admired President Trump for his sense of leadership, passion for America, concern for every American, a belief in American future and strong resolve to make America great again.

“And he has already made the American economy strong again. He has achieved much for the United States and for the world,” the Prime minister said.“When I met him for the first time he said to me, ‘India has a true friend in White House.’ Your presence here today is great testimony to that.
In these years our two nations have taken the relationships to new heights. Mr. President this morning in Houston, you can hear the heartbeat of this great partnership in this celebration of the world’s two largest democracies.
Mr. President, you had introduced me to your family in 2017 and today I have the honor to introduce you to my family, over a billion Indians and people of Indian heritage around the globe,” the PM said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my friend, a friend of India, a great American President Mr. Donald Trump.”Addressing the mega gathering of 50,000 Indian Americans, Non-Resident Indians, top US politicians and other dignitaries, President Trump said, the Indian American Community is doing innovative work in the fields of medicine, technology and many others. He said the US would take care of Indian Americans .
The President said the relationship between the two countries was stronger than ever before. The ties are grounded in shared values.
“We are governed by rule of law. Our two constitutions both begin with the same three beautiful words, “We, the People,” Trump said.
He said under Modi’s leadership, “ world is witnessing a thriving republic of India. Prime Minister Modi, I look forward to working with you to make our countries more prosperous.”

The huge crowd at the stadium received the words of the leaders with great applause. To them, they were a reassurance of continued strong and lasting relationship between the two countries and the people.