Mung beans (Green gram) and its ayurveda properties

According to ayurveda green gram belongs to Shimbi family and termed as ‘pathya ahara’. It is not just for cooking moreover it has got medicinal properties too. In ayurveda,It is known as ‘mudgam’.

It has been recorded that green gram was cultivated even in the times of Harappan civilisation which dates back to 4500 years ago. However, the nutritional  value of green gram was established after the vedic period when ayurveda studied its importance both as a ingredient in food as well as natural medicine.

Following are some of the benefits of mung beans:

1. Being rich in protein, fibre and less in fat, Ayurveda suggests green gram is the right choice in a condition wherein obesity and extra fat pose a problem in day to day life.

2. Being frigid in nature it is recommended at the time of bleeding.

3. For those who wish to adhere to vegan diet green gram is one of the right choices as it contains high fibre and protein and it would be more beneficial in terms of nutrition when it consumed with rice.

4. It has also been  proven that green gram can enhance heart health with its nutritional content of flavonoids , an antioxidants which improves heart protection capacity especially in the case of women.

5. Green gram also has Zinc content which also helps skin protection and Ayurveda  proposes that it can be  smeared on the skin  after transforming it into cream  form . Regular intake of green gram will also help  protect the skin.

6. The phosphorus   and calcium content  in it make green gram beneficial for bones.

7. The manganese  content in it helps in improving brain activity  as well.

8.Green gram is also rich in  iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium,  thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b5, b6,  folate and vitamin c, e, k  etc.

9.The regular intake of green gram helps in lowering   lifestyle diseases  and it  also keeps  diabetes away.

10.Consumption of   green gram soup with the combination of pepper is the best .

11.Breakfast dishes  prepared using green gram, onion and chilli  is a regular item   on an Indian dining table for  years. Moreover,  salads , taken with boiled green gram  would help lose weight. It is a regular  recipe everywhere especially in India for people who suffer from diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.