Narasimharasayana for physical weakness and degenerative diseases

Narasimharasayana is a medicine in Ayurveda, which is used as in the treatment of premature graying of hair, got its name from the avatar of Narasimha in the puranas of India. Vagbada explains in Ashtangahrudaya that just as the asuras (demons) cannot attack Narasimha, no diseases can affect individuals who take the Narasimharasayana. This rasayana is also capable of enhancing the immunity of the individual.

The continuous consumption of this rasayana in the prescribed quantities can improve the body weight and strength and consequently reduce fatigue. Thus, it is quite beneficial in old age. It is also extremely effective in the treatment of premature greying and hair fall.  This rasayana, which is also capable of enhancing the sexual energy, can also improve the memory power and intelligence.

The rasayana is prepared with specific steps and has quite a lot of exquisite Ayurveda ingredients. It is sweet and almost tastes like butter. Since it contains butter in large amounts, it is not usually prescribed for individuals with digestive problems. It is also not desirable for pregnant women and individuals with blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. In short, this rasayana must be consumed only under the prescription of a doctor and not otherwise.