Nasal Instillation in Indian traditional medicine

Ayurveda has quite a lot of therapies in order to help cure ailments and to enhance life. One of such therapies is Nasal Instillation (Nasyam) which is the practice of instilling medicated oils, fresh juices of leaves or flowers in the nostrils. This therapeutic instillation of medicinal nasal drops helps in normalizing the altered life factor (Iyyam) according to the traditional medicinal in India.

Nasyam is specially directed towards the purification of various parts related to the head. The process helps in the elimination of the excess of bodily accumulations in the sinus, throat, nose or head. Usually, during the process, the patient is asked to lie down on his/her back on a wooden cot in a specifically controlled and arranged room with the head placed slightly below the level oflegs. The body, especially the upper part of the body is massaged and instillation of the medicinal liquid is slowly done through the nostrils.

There are three types of Nasyam based on the intensity of the medicine used and the intended purpose and they are VirechanaNasyam, BrimhanaNasyam and SamanaNasyam. Nasyamis extremely effective in enhancing health and can be beneficial for the body in multiple ways such as enhancing the activity of sense organs,ensuring healthy and proper growth of hair, reducing the effects of cervical spondylosis, Paralysis and Migraine boosting immunity, keeping the eyes, nose and ears healthy and preventing pre-mature aging

Nasal Instillation (Nasiyam) in Siddha too.  Siddha system of medicine is one of the oldest codified traditional health care systems in the Indian sub-continent. Siddha medicine provides preventive, curative and rejuvenating health care by enhancing a holistic approach.