Most of the Covid-19 Patients Develop Antibody: Study

According to the New York Times analysis, nearly all people exposed to COVID-19 in a New York study developed antibodies to the virus—even those who showed just mild symptoms. It is also found that based on antibody tests on the first set of donors for a convalescent plasma therapy effort, the vast majority of confirmed COVID-19 patients developed antibodies.

While the presence of antibodies does not guarantee immunity, and the research is not yet peer-reviewed, it’s a hopeful sign that almost everyone who has been sick will experience some protective benefit, regardless of age, sex, or severity of illness.

Questions over the accuracy of antibody tests have been an issue, but the antibody test used in the NY study of 1,343 people, developed by Florian Krammer, an Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai virologist, has a less than 1% chance of producing false-positives.

Courtesy: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health