Negative Moods hurt Immune System, New study suggests

In this time of corona scare,  it is important to improve the immunity using different ways. Being positive about life is essential for a happy life. Negative emotions and attitudes can get us nowhere in life but rather can impair what would otherwise be beneficial for us. A new study published in the journal named ‘Brain, Behavior, and Immunity’ reveals that there are even more chances that negative moods can affect our lives.

The study, which was conducted by a team, led by Jennifer Graham-Engel and at the Pennsylvania State University in State College reveals in their study that negative moods can affect the functioning of immune response and that it can subsequently increase the risk of inflammation

This is not the first time that there is a study on the negative effects of negative emotions or attitude on the human body. Earlier studies have proved that chronic stress can negatively affect the memory and that such feelings can trigger cardiovascular issues.

The participants of the study were made to fill questionnaires (in a span of 2 weeks) in order to understand the emotional profile and their blood samples were collected to check for bio- markers of inflammation. Researchers observed that the individuals who experiences negative moods frequently had higher levels of biomarkers for inflammation in their blood sample. The study also revealed that positive emotions were connected towards lower levels of inflammation biomarkers in the blood.

Though further researches are required in understanding the actual picture, the study is sure to trigger future studies in this field, thus opening a new path in the study of how affect plays a key role in physical health.