Onions and garlic to prevent cancer

Onions and Garlic are inevitable ingredients in most of the recipes. Just as they add to the flavor and taste to food, the recent studies show that they protect the body from losing its flavor by reducing the risk of cancer. In fact it’s not just onions and garlics but the entire allium vegetables including garlic, onions, leeks, chives and shallots that have been now proved effective in protecting against cancer.

There have been studies in the past which have proved the presence of bioactive compounds like flavanols and organosulfur. The new research conducted by the scientists of First Hospital of China Medical University, came up with the recent findings on allium vegetables when they set out to analyze the effect of increased intake of these vegetables on Colorectal cancer.

The study had 833 participants with colorectal cancer who were paired with 833 other individuals who were of the same age, sex, and location of the patients. All of these pairs were interviewed, and their eating habits were recorded. The results showed a significant relationship between the levels intake of allium vegetables and the risk of developing colorectal cancer. A 79% lower risk was found in those who consumed high on these allium vegetables and the result was significant in both men and women.

Though conclusions cannot yet be drawn, there is great hope that if the results are replicated in other groups of individuals and further studies, adding extra onions and garlic to our dishes may become the tasty way to reduce colorectal cancer risk