Optimism determines life span

It is said that optimism is the key to positive thinking and a  worry-free long life.

In the short span of life, a person may have to face  more troubles than positive things. Some of the troubles could also lead him to depression and desperation. Even though some people have the guts to overcome these struggles and find a way in moving forward, many  end up in deep desperation. Even though the scar of the woeful experience persists, what makes the ‘let go people’ moving forward is their optimism. 

The struggles of past would not affect the pursuit of life as these people think that one day everything would be OK and  the mere act of optimism makes them to concentrate on present things and tends them to lead a peaceful life.

Disconnecting with the past.  but at the same time being alert is considered the key  to being optimistic and that disposition would save life from all kinds of stress and depression.

 A new study published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America’ endorses this fact and informs that optimism could make a person live longer. The study was conducted by Lewina O. Lee, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and she and her team found that the males and females who had longer life span were more optimistic than those who died during the case study.

To gain this knowledge of life, they had to pass a questionnaire which contained  questions regarding optimism to the samples of 69,744 females in the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) and 1,429 males in the Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study (NAS).

After the study, the researchers found that the people who had high optimism lived almost 11-15 % longer than those who had comparatively less optimism. Meanwhile,  of the participants, 13% of the females during the 10 years of their follow-up, and 71% of the males in the 30 years of their follow-up had succumbed to death.

So this study confirms the importance of optimism in one’s life and there are quite a lot of ways to boost optimism as following:

  1. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to improve optimism as it helps the person to live fully in the present and disconnect with the past events. After doing meditation, consciousness will eventually grow to make a person tend to aware things that he does and helps him to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings. When one becomes intensely aware of things he could keep himself aloof from negative things and deeds. He would be more aware about his wordings too that he could test it before delivering that whether it hurts people’s emotions or not.

 Eventually his social life becomes fruitful and there will be no space for worry.

2.Positive thinking

 Always remember that those who struggle are the people who are really living. Struggles and challenges are part of life and try to make that experience fuel to future life.

3.Leisure time

Find leisure time to get rid of stress and anxiety. Try to be with nature and the natural beauty may change your mood and become more optimistic. Hobbies like music, gardening etc., will also help.

4.Hard work

Hard work is the best solution for personal problems. When hand at work, the brain tends to be relaxed and once immersed in the work the stress and anxiety will gradually fade away. It will help you to maintain a positive mindset in the entire life.