Over anxiousness might be the symptom of Alzheimer’s disease

Have you lately noticed your grand father or grandmother being over anxious? If yes, it might be a good idea to have them checked for Alzheimer’s disease as over-anxiousness has now been proved as a genuine symptom of Alzheimer’s disease in old age. A recent study conducted by the American journal of psychiatry found that over-anxiety in old adults might be because of the onset of  Alzhemimer’s disease.

The study examined and observed 270 elderly people in order to reach the conclusion. Alzheimer’s disease, which makes a person forgetful about day-to-day activities and even the whereabouts of their kin, is contracted as a result of malfunctioning in the brain activity.

The study suggests that Over anxiousness may cause this symptom as it can affect the level of the amyloid beta which subsequently can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Over anxiousness is now thus a crucial factor in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease along with depression.