Over 50% U.S people are not in favor of Biden’s immigration policies: Opinion poll

A new opinion poll has revealed that more than half of the Americans are not in favor of Biden’s immigration policies. The poll result has come amid  the chaos at the US-Mexico border.

According to the nationwide NPR/Marist poll which surveyed 1,309 adults via phone between March 22 and 25, the president earned 50-percent mark on his overall approval rating and handling of the economy and coronavirus pandemic.

However,fifty-three percent of interviewees said they were disapproving the Biden’s work on immigration. Only 34 percent respondents granted thumbs up for Biden’s immigration works.

The study also revealed that even many democratic members also urged Biden to change his immigration plans.

23 percent interviewees who have Democratic background disapproved Biden’s policies and Sixty-six percent of them gave nod to Biden’s immigration works.

In a separate ABC News/Ipsos poll released earlier this week, Biden had gone even worse, with 57 percent of respondents disapproving of his job on immigration.