Pencil Push-up for enhancing your sight

Every single part of the body gets exhausted after heavy work. Hence, after a long time of staring at the screens of mobiles, computers and television, eyes might need some rest and also some exercises. Convergence Insufficiency is a visual condition which is a result of prolonged exposure of the eyes to screens. The accommodation capacity of the eyes helps in equally focusing on a distant object and a nearby object.  With continuous and prolonged exposure to screen, this capacity of the eyes is adversely affected.

This could result in blurred sight, pain in the eyes, headaches, eyestrain, double vision etc. Pencil pushup helps overcome such conditions and must be practiced only after consulting a doctor. 

To practice pencil pushup, find a comfortable place and hold a pencil with its tip at the eyelevel, at a hand’s length. Now focus your vision on the tip of the pencil and slowly bring the pencil close to your nose. Stop when your vision becomes doubled or blurred and bring the pencil to the initial position.