Pig brains partially revived hours after death

The popular notion of brain stopping and its functioning right after the flow of blood to the brain stops is now under scrutiny with a new study that was conducted at the Yale University.

The study was conducted on the brains of 32 pigs which were slaughtered. After 4 hours after they were slaughtered, a particular chemical compound was infused to the brain which included synthetic blood that contained oxygen, and certain chemicals that could extend the life of cells or restore them to the earlier state.

After six hours, the researchers found that there was a steady decrease in the rate of cell death and that certain functions of the brain was restored. The brains used for the study reacted to medicines after the infusion and also used oxygen like a normal brain. At the same time, no variations were shown on EEG Brain Scan to indicate the normal functioning.

The study has out many present theories under scrutiny and would act as the base for further studies on Alzheimer’s, brain death, and cell death. The primary application of this study would be in the field of Alzheimer’s. The chemical compound that was infused has proved to be capable of restoring certain dead cells to life and extending the life of certain cells.