PM Modi tops the list of leaders on Face book

New York: In one of the studies Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi retains his position as the most popular world leader on Facebook following U.S President Donald Trump in Second place and Jordan’s Queen Rania in the third position.

The study which is titled as ‘World Leaders Facebook’ rankings as per the latest 2020 conducted by global communications agency BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) says that Indian PM has nearly 45 million likes on his personal page.

Whereas, US President Donald Trump, who is in the second position with nearly 27 million likes and third position has been spotted by Jordan’s Queen Rania (16.8 million likes).

At the same time President Donald Trump tops the rankings in terms of interactions with 309 million comments, likes and shares on his Face book page over the past 12 months, Trump is ahead of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro (205 million interactions).

It is Prime Minister Modi who tops among world leaders with most interacted first five face book posts. It is PM praying to Goddess Jagdamba during the Navaratri festival is the most-watched video posted by any world leader. That post got 21,122,252 views and 1,694,245 comments, likes and shares.

The second most liked video is also from PM Modi that shows he went ‘plogging’ on Mamallapuram beach during morning walk. It received 1,110,106 interactions and 16,571,790 views.