Prime Minister Modi urges people to stay home for many more days, apologizes for inconveniences

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his monthly radio pogramme Mann Ki Baat, urged Country men to stay home for several more days in the fight against Coronavirus and apologized for the inconvenience caused to them.

At the same time, Prime minister encouraged people to simultaneously strengthen the emotional bonding and maintain the social distancing to get rid of the threat of the coronavirus.

“Some people believe that by following the rules of lock down they are helping others but that is not correct this is a myth and it is not correct. Lock down is to protect you and your family members, you will have to be patient for several days to come and we have to maintain social distancing and not go out our homes,” said Prime minister.

Urging the people to help those who belong to the financially weaker sections, Prime minister said he apologizes to the people of the country because of inconvenience cause to them.” I specially apologies to the poor and financially weaker sections…It is possible that poor would be angry with me for taking such steps,” Prime minister said in his monthly radio programme.

However, the prime minister reiterated that there is no compromise in maintaining the lock down and the government is stringent in this regard as it is the matter of life and death and the country has to win this war against coronavirus. Prime minister also shared his hope that when he comes to the next episode of Ma ki Baat, the country would have won the war against coronavirus.