Purna Supta Vajrasana (Complete Reclined Thunderbolt Pose) : Difficult to perform, but effective

Diamond or Vajra is the hardest substance on earth and is used to cut different materials like glass which are otherwise very difficult to cut. The same applies  Purna Supta Vajrasana, a posture in yoga which is  very effective to body but extremely hard to perform.

Steps: Sit down with your legs stretched. Now bend  your legs and keep them under the hips to form Vajrasana. Raise your hands and move them backwards to touch the floor. Keep the palms on the floor with the tip of the fingers touching the tip of the toes. Rise up on the knee while breathing in. Now bend your body backwards until the head touches the floor. Remain in this position for some time and return.

Benefits: Practicing this asana will enhance the strength and flexibility of the spine. It is effective in reducing stomach ailments and relaxing the nerves in the knees and will also enhance the proper functioning of thyroid glands. As it increases the rate of expansion of lungs, it will also help reduce the ailments related to breathing.