Pushkar fair to spread out the Indian Culture

This year’s Pushkar fair will be held in Pushkar, a holy city of Rajasthan, from November 15th to November 23rd. Musicians, traders, nomads, tourists and devotees throng the sacred city of Pushkar to participate in this annual Camel Fair, one of the biggest livestock fairs in the world.

Almost 30,000 camels will line up in the event along with colors, music, dance, food and games. Tourists can enjoy this extravagant nature of the traditional Indian Culture with a tint of excitement in the golden sand dunes. Every year, tourists flock here to take part in this unforgettable experience.

The Pushkar Fair is celebrated every year on the holy KartikPurnima, which is the full moon day in the Hindu lunar month of Kartikand the day is considered to be very auspicious. Pilgrims from all over the world gather here to partake in this celebration and they take a dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake and pray to Lord Brahma.

The prime attraction of this show is the lined up camels adorned with cloths, jewelry, silver bells, bangles and other fineries. The best-decorated ones will be exhibited firsthand and a Camel Beauty Contest would also take place during the event. Many Camels would be sold out for races, competitions, dance shows and many other purposes.

There would be a huge inflow of pilgrims, camel traders, tourists, musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians, snake charmers, rides and food stalls to entertain the guests. Temple dancing, folk and classical music and arts and crafts bazaar are the other attractions. Moreover, a mustache competition will be held where men compete for the award for their facial hair and the one with the longest mustache would be rewarded.

During the event stimulating hot air-balloons would be installed by various tour companies to watch the display of the camel fair up from the sky. One can also relish the beautiful sight of the desert landscapes with tepid sun rays, which will hang on the sparkling ambiance along with the balloon.


The Pushkar Fair is one of the significant tourist attractions in India. As large influx of tourists partakes in the event, the demand for accommodation facilities will raise and eventually the price will swell. Therefore, advance booking is suggested if one cannot reach the site ahead of the festival, particularly two or three days before. Lodgings include simple guest houses, desert tents, heritage hotels, and farm stays.

How to Reach?

By Air

The nearest airport is in Jaipur. It is around two and a half hours away from the spot. Bus-services (state owned and private luxury ones)would be available en route. Taxis and other private vehicles can also be booked.

By Rail

The closest railway station is Ajmer and there is only a single train between Ajmer and Pushkar. However, one can depend easily on the available taxi services to reach Pushkar from Ajmer.

By Road

Pushkar is well connected by road through Jaipur and Ajmer. A 30-minute drive through the Snake Mountain (Nag Parbat) takes one to Pushkar. State owned buses, Deluxe Volvos and taxis conduct service here.