Red,Orange,Green Zones- India is likely to impose smart lockdown

India is likely to impose smart lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak. It is in the context of extending the lockdown which is due to end on April 14.

According to a top government official PM has hinted that the government may impose a “smart lockdown” – with severe restrictions in affected districts, and partial lifting of restrictions in unaffected districts, along with the opening up of some sectors to meet the economic challenge. It will be undertaken in the form of demarcating the country into three zones – red, yellow and green.

Red Zone: According to news agency PTI, no activity will be allowed in the red zone – the districts where sizeable number of cases were detected or areas which were declared hotspots.

Orange Zone: Minimum activities like opening of limited public transport, harvesting of farm products will be allowed in orange zones where only few cases have been found in the past, PTI reported.

Green Zone: It will see further relaxation. Some MSME industries falling under the green zone will be allowed to function with in-house lodging facilities for employees with proper maintenance of social distance, according to PTI.

During the four-hour-long discussion with chief ministers of the state, PM Modi said that India will have to find a balance between “jaan” (lives) and “jahan” (the outside world) –  a sign that the centre may relax the conditions in the second phase.

Coronavirus pandemic has now infected more than 8,000 people in India including 273 deaths and 716 people have recovered according to the health ministry’s update.