Refined food vs Unrefined foods

Naturopathy says that modern society is very prone to instant gratification and this tendency is very much seen in terms of the food items consumed. Most of us now prefer to cook pasta,instant rice and frozen ready meals that can be easily heated up for consumption. From a health perspective, this is a trend which can lead to quite a lot of issues as many are becoming increasingly dependent on these refined foods and moving away from the natural unrefined foods that are so critical to our health.

Ayush urges the people to go back to the unrefined fruits,vegetables,oils,nuts,seeds and whole grains as these are excellent sources of the fuel that our body requires,but their perceived lack of convenience means they are increasingly shunted to the side.

Health care is a million dollar industry highly driven by attractive advertisements and brands which offer supplements, frozen food materialsor refined oils which are advertised as those capable of protecting heart and other vital organs and reducing controlling body vitals like  cholesterol, blood pressure etc.

If you are hard core follower of these refined products, you are in the wrong boat.

Our market is currently flooded with refined oils, refined flour, refined sugars, refined grains etc. Eating refined products coukd resultin an increased risk for many diseases, including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.Refined products have been stripped of almost all fiber, vitamins and minerals. For this reason, they can be considered as ’empty’ calories.

Let us return to our good old days where we were consuming unrefined products and were healthy enough to defend against the sources of ailments and infections.