Relaxation and finding true self

The essence of the Buddhist style of meditation is nothing but complete surrender to the existence. Surrender here refers to a state wherein there is no ego. Mahayana Buddhism has a popular sutra  which explains this state as Sunyatha (emptiness). This  transcendental concept is  quite,  very nature of human life. By achieving this state one would become stress free and  relaxed.

But to surrender one has to drop the concept of ego.  Ego here refers to the concept of ‘I’.  The problem here is every time once longs or desires to be in such a state, one entirely loses the essence of such a state of existence. This is because the very desire to achieve this state implies the presence of ego or the consciousness of ‘I’ and it is no more emptiness. So to get in to a state of emptiness as referred by Heart Sutra one has to be free from self or the concept of ‘I’. One should understand that there is no ego exist in the present.

The actual state of Sunyatha implies that there no ‘I’ or ‘You’ or anything but pure silence within and without. This state of mind would thus involve a complete surrender of the self and liberation from one self. This would ultimately extend to every sphere of life thus making the person understand the actual essence of existence. The silence attained through this style of meditation is very inclusive.

This inclusiveness of this state of mind is capable of blending oppositions together as in love and there would be nothing that divides (no gender, no caste, no class, no race etc.), thus blending the entire Universe into one single entity of existence.

The same can be applied to knowledge too. When one drops all the information that one gained from outside, he or she would be susceptible to adapt the actual truth, and that wisdom would be directed towards the real knowledge of the self.

Ego according to the Buddhist tradition can be explained as the entity that makes one project or dream about the future and clinch in the past. When one stops fastening in the past or projecting to the future, he or she becomes fixed in present. The most basic requirement for the same is avoiding the attitude of being self-conscious.

This would enhance the awareness of the surroundings and there arises a state of relaxation where one would find the overflowing inner silence and blending with the Universal silence. This state of bliss once achieved, can help one to be in a state of meditation throughout one’s life without any interruptions.

As there is no more presence of the self, one would be able to do everything without being concerned about the reward or recognition. Every single deed would then be an act of meditation as the self is not involved in it. Without any expectations or conditions, one would be able to give one’s maximum into what he or she does, thus giving the best result possible.[email protected]