Seasonal Affective disorder

Do you have difficulty enjoying the rains? Do you feel a storm of sad emotions when it rains? Then you might be suffering from a condition that is known as the Monsoon Blues which is a Seasonal Affective Disorder or the Sad Syndrome

Seasonal Affective disorder is caused because of the lack of sunlight in the rainy season and the winter season and such individuals would be extremely happy and active on sunny days. In the West, such disorders are usually observed during the winter season especially because they miss the sunlight and this negatively affects their mental state.

What is sad syndrome?

This is kind of mental disorder that is usually cause by climatic changes. Though it is usually seen in winter, it is now observed in rainy season too. This can make you indifferent, Depressed, stressed and tired. It can also make you caress such thoughts and subsequently lead to Depression.

The sunlight is a major factor affecting the Circadian Rhythm of the body and in the absence of sunlight this rhythm goes out of order. This results in the increased secretion of Melatonin by the Pineal gland, resulting in increased fatigue. When sunlight enters your eyes or touches the body, the body is restored to normal functioning, thus regulating the secretion of Melatonin. In short, the brain changes our mood based on the extent to which our body is exposed to sunlight.

Moreover, this condition can also cause increased cravings for carbohydrates and subsequently lead to obesity. In certain cases, it is just the opposite with reduced appetite and subsequent weight loss. This condition can also induce insomnia or hypersomnia.

This condition is usually seen among Young women and it is affected by genetic factors too. There is no lab test for this syndrome and it occurs regularly at the same time every year. Subsequently this can be confirmed only after two or three years and often this is misunderstood as Depression.

Light therapy, Psychotherapy and Meditation which uses light as a major factor could be of great help.