Salabhasana and Vipareeta Naukasana for the hips

Yoga has always been an effective practice which can help curing many health issues and also in maintaining a good body shape. Salabhasana (Locustpose) and VipareetaNaukasana (Inverted boat pose) are two of such asanas (postures) which would help in maintaining, remodeling and beautifying the hips.

Salabhasana (Locust pose)

This particular asana (posture) will help reducing back pain and lung issue. And can also reduce potbelly. Salaba means Locust and in this asana,the person attains a posture which resembles a Locust on the floor.

Instructions for Salabhasana

Keep your arms near the waist and the keep the legs together.Breathe in and rise up, stretching the arms. Make sure that the hips are constricted and that the jaw touches the floor and the hands should be beneath the thighs. Remain in this position for 10-20 seconds breathing normally. Breathe out while coming back to the normal position.

 VipareetaNaukasana (Inverted boat pose)

Nauka means boat and the asana or posture which is practiced in a reclined position is known as Naukasana. When this is practiced in the opposite position, it is called VipareetaNaukasana. This asana is good for waist, thighs and spine. It also reduces belly fat and relaxes the muscles and nerves in the belly area.

Instructions for Naukasana:

Lie down facing downwards and stretch your hands forward and keep them on the floor. Keep the palm downwards and the legs together.

Stretch to your maximum, raising your legs and hands together and look up. Make sure that that the upper arm touches your ears.

Stretch you complete body including your toe. Balance your body with the belly, waist and thigh joints. Remain in this position as long as you can while taking deep breaths and return to the normal position by breathing out.