Simple Stress Reduction Technique

Meditation is not just a momentary phenomenon that is done for a period of time and then forgotten. In fact, it is an all-evasive phenomenon that penetrates into all aspects of life. Actual meditation is a process of finding our true self and being constantly aware of it. Osho, in one of his discourses said that meditation should not be like spectacles that we remove when not in need but rather must be like one’sown eyes which helps in having the true vision of the world around you.

Meditation and the subsequent finding of the true nature of self, require the boldness to embark a journey towards our inner self. knowing ourselves would help one to know the other too and there would be a  oneness in diversity. Certain Physical activities like yoga and other meditative physical activities can enhance the smoothness of this journey as they help the body and mind to work in equilibrium and also sharpen the awareness of the self.

Here is the technique which would help you to feel the silence inside you and subsequently make you liberated and stress free.


Ensure that your body and mind are relaxed and then focus all your energy on the inner self and go deep in to it. There you would find complete silence and the more your consciousness deepens more would be the joy that you would be experiencing. Remain in the same state as long as possible and return with the grace that you attained in that silence.


Maintaining this state of consciousness is the next step and this would help in making this permanence the basic nature of our life. By being aware of this internal silence, your conscious would experience bliss and you would slowly start recognizing the silence that prevails outside you. Thus your entire existence would now turn into love where the separations like you and I would vanish and a blissful oneness of silence would arise.