Sleeplessness upsets skin health

In this busy world, sleeplessness comes to be a problem for many people. Several difficulties may arise due to sleeplessness but skin health will be the most affected one. Yes, Waking up at night makes your skin unhealthy. It is obvious that Skin health of the people who sleep seven to eight hours is healthier than people who sleep five hours or less. Collagen constitutes this phenomenon. Production of Collagen happens while you are at nap. It is a part of your skin repairing process.
What happens when you do not sleep? Naturally, collagen stops producing and hence fairness of the skin starts deteriorating. Collagen is the main source to keep skin free from wrinkles and weighing down.
People who sleep more than 7 hours might be at lesser risk of having wrinkles on face than who sleep less than five hours. That means, People who sleep less than five hours are more prone to wrinkles. When you sleep at night the blood circulation is enhanced and your face becomes livelier. On the contrary if you face sleeplessness.
If you do not get enough sleep you will develop blackrings or marks around your eyes which would always give a worn out look.
Sleeplessness not only affects your face but also your overall health too. Due to insomnia another major problem that we would be facing is ‘hair fall’. Adequate blood may not reach the scalp and it causes hair fall.