Studies prove students are interested in sexting than actual sex

In a study piloted by the South California University among 1300 students in Los Angeles, it was seen that the students even from the school levels are interested in sexting. The studies conducted under the guidance of Professor Eric Raison also found that most of these students who preferred sexting  passed pictures while chatting.

The studies also gave out shocking reports on how these students (from the age of 11-13) who have received ample sex education frequently indulges in sexting. According to the studies, these students were seven times more interested in sexting than in sex and they shared more than 100 messages with explicit sexual content on a daily basis.

Researchers warn that sexting at the school age would create a wrong notion of sex among the students, resulting in sexual abnormalities and related issues in the long run. The studies suggest that parents keep a constant check on the smart phone usage of their young kids and that it would be the only possible solution to control such tendencies.