Tender coconut as a natural medicine 

Photo by Dian Schuurkamp

Ayurveda, the most ancient treatment system, originated in India thousands of years ago, considers tender coconut a natural remedy in treating conditions like urinary tract infection and diarrhoea. It is the diuretic properties in it that make tender coconut a treatment facility for such ailments. It also has rich content of minerals like Potassium chloride, magnesium, sodium etc. Therefore, tender coconut has also been essential for treating the conditions like burning dysuria (painful urination), irritable bowel syndrome etc.

The physicians usually make use of tender coconut as a treatment property for vata, pitta and cold. It is of fewer calories and has appetite increasing and dehydration fighting abilities. It is also found that tender coconut water is a very good antioxidant too. The medicinal properties in it help enable the body to overcome oxidative stress and reduce cellular damages.

In Ayurveda, tender coconut is also considered as a very effective aphrodisiac. It has been found that consuming tender coconut and drinking fresh tender coconut water help treating erectile dysfunction.

Ayurveda makes use of tender coconut in different ways. For example, the traditional tender coconut concoction. It is a proven medicine for headache. Tender coconut is also a traditional medicine used to treat various eye problems.

However, tender coconut should be cautiously used in patients who have kidney ailments.

It is always good to have natural drinks like tender coconut water, instead of artificial drinks. It not only refreshes, but also energizes body and mind as it is nature’s gift, pure and safe.

Courtesy: Dr: Shobu