“Terrorists May See Window Of Opportunity”: UN Chief

Coronavirus could be used as a biological weapon. Warns United Nations. It is in the wake of disastrous covid-19, U. N General Secretary António Guterres has made this statement. As terrorists are concerned, this is one of the rarest opportunities that had been unlocked before them to conduct biological attacks across the globe. Guterres said.

Taking advantage of the current situation, terrorist may use virus containing human fluid or samples to spread the disease.

The statement came while preceding the video conference of U.N members convened to discuss the challenges posed by covid-19 pandemic.

Guterres also depicted the resistance showed by the world as ahead of the game and it underlines the role of a world body like U. N to mitigate the way in the time of distress.

Even though the situation can be termed as health problem, the implications are far reaching. It will be a threat to peace and safety. Social differences and violence may create adverse impact and undermine the recovery. These weaknesses and unpreparedness may open window to launch a biological attack. As a result the crisis might deepen in the following period.

As all the governments are actively engaging to get rid of coronavirus threat, the terrorist may attempt to conduct an attack. Guterres said.

“The weaknesses and lack of preparedness exposed by this pandemic provide a window onto how a bioterrorist attack might unfold – and may increase its risks,” Guterres said. “Non-state groups could gain access to virulent strains that could pose similar devastation to societies around the globe.”