The 6 healthiest beans

Being a member of the Fabaceae family, beans prove to be a rich source of proteins, B vitamins and fibers. Owing to their high nutrient content, beans prove to have a variety of health benefits which controlled cholesterol and sugar levels, optimum protein supply and smooth bowel movements.

Following are six kinds of beans which are considered to be the healthiest and their benefits.


Soybeans are very popular in Asia and are consumed in various forms. With high levels of protein, it is an excellent choice for both vegetarians and vegans. Along with 31.32 grams of protein, one cup of soybean also contains 8.84 milligrams (mg) of iron, 10.30 g of fiber and a commendable content of magnesium,potassium, and zinc. There have been studies which prove that soybeans can reduce the risk of cancer in women (specifically stomach cancer and gastrointestinal cancer) owing to the high content of antioxidants called isoflavones.

Kidney beans
One of the most popular beans is kidney beans which is widely used as the ingredient in various food items. The content specifications of one cup of kidney beans include 5.35 g of protein, 13.10 g of fiber and 5.20 mg of iron. An excellent source of fiber, kidney beans can help to reduce blood sugar levels.


A popular ingredient in India, Chickpeas are rich sources of many important nutrients and the nutrient specification would include 14.53 g of protein, 12.50 g of fiber and 4.74 mg of iron in a single cup of Chickpeas. Consumed in in salads, in hummus and as a roasted snack, chickpeas help reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Navy beans

Navy beans are also known as haricot beans and received its name from being used as a staple food in the American Navy kitchens. Being a rich source of B vitamins, it can help reduce the risk of cholesterol and metabolic syndrome and the content specifications of one cup of navy beans include 19.10 g of fiber, 14.98 g of protein and 4.30 mg of iron.

Black beans

Black beans are usually consumed more in South and Central American cuisine and is an essential ingredient of many food items. It has a positive effect on the blood sugar levels and thus can reduce the risk of diabetes. A cup of black beans would include 15.24 g of protein, 15.00 g of fiber and 3.61 mg of iron.

Pinto beans
Pinto beans are ideal to be included in a healthy diet owing to their high fiber content and plenty of protein. A common ingredient in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, pinto beans are consumed fried, mashed, or whole.