The medicinal properties of Garlic

Used both as an ingredient in food as well as natural medicine, garlic can enhance the flavor of the food and is scientifically known as Allium Sativum. Cultivated all around the world, garlic is native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean region.  Indian cuisine is never complete without garlic and from the ancient times, garlic has been used as an important medicine effective for various ailments.

There are quite a lot of chemical compounds in garlic and this includes more than 200 amino acids, almost 33 sulphur compounds, many enzymes, minerals (including calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorous and zinc) and vitamins.

Garlic is the best medicine against bacteria, fungus and many other disease causing biomes. It also helps prevent food infections. Certain specific enzymes present in garlic are effective in the treatment of various skin infections and it also prevents unnecessary clotting of blood. Moreover, the protein named Angeostin 2 that causes blood pressure is controlled by garlic and thus reduces blood pressure.  The poly sulphide is converted into hydrogen sulphide by the red blood cells and this helps in controlling the blood pressure.  Thus it enhances the cardiac health.

Consuming garlic daily can help prevent cancer by preventing the cancer causing Hydro cyclic compound PHAP from being converted into carcinogens. Garlic also helps in enhancing the absorption of iron to the blood stream. Since garlic is capable of improving the blood circulation, it can subsequently boost your potency and energy. The various chemical compounds found in garlic can reduce the fat in the body and therefore regulate the body weight.

Garlic is an effective medicine for cough. Add honey to garlic paste and this can help heal cough.Consuming milk boiled with garlic can help regulate the body temperature. Adding 10 drops of garlic extract to 2 table spoons of honey and consuming this twice a day can help deal effectively with breathing problems like Asthma. Hypertension can be controlled by adding garlic to food and also by consuming garlic extract. Skin rashes, pimples and many other skin problems can be controlled by applying garlic paste. Garlic is also effective in purifying the blood and in removing the toxins from the blood stream. Using garlic extract to clean wounds and bruises can help heal the wounds faster and this will also prevent the development of puss in such wounds. Moreover, applying a mixture of garlic and potato can help control pain.