Treatment for Growth on the bones successfully administered at the Kottayam Medical College

Inflammations and tumors in the born can now be cured at the Kottayam Medical College. The treatment which actually burns out the inflammation of tumor was the first of its kind that was done in the Medical College and it was done under the supervision of the Ortho Department, Department of Radio Diagnosis and the Department of Anesthesia in the Medical College. The patient was also able to leave the hospital in three days. The treatment was conducted with highly sophisticated and developed RFS instrument. This kind of treatment was available only at the Calicut Medical College.

Aparna, the only child of Subhash and Udayamma from Kurichi, experienced severe leg pain three months back and it was a week before that she consulted Dr. Nishara Mohammed of the Ortho Department at the Kottayam Medical College. The diagnosis found a small growth on the bones of the leg and subsequently, a highly sophisticated and advanced treatment with using the RFA technology was administered. Usually an open surgery is administered for such conditions and it would take at least 6 months for the wounds to heal completely. In the new technology, there was no wound involved and instead, a sharp needle was inserted to burn out the growth on the bones.

The surgery would usually cost above 1 lakh rupees and in the medical college, this was done at just Rs.50000, which was the cost of the needle used. Those who are members of the Insurance scheme would have the entire treatment for free. The team also included Radio Diagnosis Department head Dr. Jayashree, Dr. Praveen, Dr. Sajitha, Dr. Hari, Anesthesia Department head Dr. Murali, Dr. Smriti, and Dr. Ananthu.