UK approves Indian Covid certificate; Indian Covishield-vaccinated travelers do not have to quarantine in the U.K

U.K on Thursday announced that Covishield vaccinated Indian travelers will no longer have to quarantine in the country on arrival. The policy shift will come into force from October 11 on wards.

Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India, posted from his official Twitter handle, “No quarantine for Indian travelers to UK [who are] fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK-approved vaccine from 11 October. Thanks to Indian government for close cooperation over last month.”

India will be added to UK’s list of countries and territories with approved proof of vaccination at 4 am on Monday, October 11.

Those who arrive in UK before October 11 will remain in the unvaccinated category and will have to go quarantine. At the same time, those who arrive after October 11 can avoid quarantine requirements by proving their vaccination status providing vaccination certificates.

The new decision to avoid Indian travelers from mandatory quarantine requirement has come amid the row between India and the U.K over approval of vaccination certificate.

India had imposed mandatory 10-day quarantine for the fully vaccinated U.K citizens who arrive in the country. India’s decision has come as a reciprocal action against the similar rules imposed by the U.K on Indian travelers.

Earlier, the U.K made it compulsory for Indian travelers to under go quarantine and tests as they allegedly detected irregularities in India’s CoWin vaccination certificate. However, the U.K approved India’s Covishield vaccine and included in the approved category list.