United Airlines Expands Daily Flights Between India and the U.S.

United Airlines, a prominent contender in the aviation sector, has announced its strategic initiative to enhance air connectivity between Delhi and Newark (New York) during the upcoming winter season. The airline, presently operating its solitary India route along this trajectory, is all set to introduce a significant seasonal upgrade.

This revelation marks a noteworthy advancement in the operational landscape of United Airlines, particularly in light of the temporary suspension of multiple India routes like Mumbai-Newark and Delhi-Chicago/San Francisco.

In a demonstration of its deepened commitment to the Indian market, United Airlines is poised to introduce a substantial enhancement in its flight services connecting Delhi and Newark (New York).

The airline is poised to experience a twofold increase in flights on this route, transitioning from its current once-daily schedule to an all-new twice-daily frequency during the winter season of 2023/24. This strategic maneuver is anticipated to empower travelers with heightened choices and enhanced flexibility when charting their travel itineraries.

In stark contrast to certain other air carriers that have momentarily halted their operations to and from India, United Airlines has steadfastly maintained its operational presence within the region. While Delta Airlines is yet to resume its India operations since March 2020, American Airlines continues its daily service between Delhi and New York JFK.

It’s worth highlighting that Air India remains the foremost nonstop operator bridging India and the United States.

United Airlines has unequivocally stated that the freshly introduced flight service connecting Delhi and Newark will unwaveringly adhere to the airline’s unwavering dedication to delivering superior travel experiences. The supplementary flights will be conducted utilizing the state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, celebrated for their contemporary design and passenger-centric comfort.

Within the confines of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, passengers can luxuriate in a total of 257 well-appointed seats, thoughtfully distributed across a range of classes, encompassing economy, eco plus, premium plus, and business suites.