Utthan prishtasana to deal with upper back pain

With its effectiveness for a number of physical and mental issues, yoga has gained popularity all over the world. Many individuals have had extremely difficult situations with upper back pain and have failed trying various treatment methods. Utthan prishtasana or lizard pose is such a yoga posture which is effective in treating upper back pain.


Sit down, stretch your legs and bend your right leg and keep it under the thigh. Repeat the same with left leg and you would have attained the Vajrasana posture. Remain in this position and now catch the elbows using the opposite hands. Bent forward and touch the floor with the hands without leaving the entangled position.  Keep this position and raise the hip upwards with the whole weight of the body on the knees and elbows. Now bring down the chest and jaw to the hands and touch the floor. . Breathe in and come back to the initial position.


This asana will not cause any harm to the body and subsequently, one can practice this asana without any fear. Moreover, it is useful in treating pain, which affects the shoulder blade, upper back and nape.