Video: Man rescues friend falling from building after fainting

Praises are pouring in for Thayyil Mittal Baburaj who rescued his friend Babu who was about to fall from the first floor of a building after fainting.

According to a report by The News Minute, in a video that has gone viral on social media, that shows Baburaj is standing next to Binu, who is wearing a deep red shirt and white veshti. Binu and Baburajare are employees of the Kerala Bank branch in Vadakara, and they were waiting for their turn to remit their Provident Fund when the incident happened, mentions the report.

The CCTV footage shows Binu with his hands crossed as he is leaning on the ledge of the wall, which comes up to his thigh. Baburaj is standing next to him wearing a green shirt and Saffron veshti. It is then seen that Binuis leaning back on the wall and almost tumbles off the ledge as he is about to fall off the building. It is then that Baburaj, standing next to him, swiftly grabs on to his leg and stops him from falling off. Baburaj is then joined in by many others, including a policeman, who gathered at the spot and pulled the unconscious man back to safety.

The News Minute reports that the incident took place on the first floor of the Vadakara branch of the Kerala Bank. The report also mentions that the fall for Binu, who fell unconscious for some unknown reason, could have been fatal as there was a live wire running underneath the building. Not only this, but Binu was also going to fall headfirst onto the ground had Baburaj not saved him. Several onlookers arrived and helped Baburaj in pulling Binu up by the leg back to safety. The video of this almost film-like rescue is now being circulated on social media.