vietnam’s snake diet

Strangely, Snake meat is one of the common cuisines in Vietnamese dining table. They think it is beneficial for the ailment of headache and indigestion. ”It can be used as an appetizer and a medium to balance the body temperature. It cuts down the body temperature to minimal”, says one of the Vietnamese who prepares snake meat in a restaurant.

After removing the head and scale, Vietnamese take the snake to pan. Using green oil, they either fry or steam it in pressure cooker. ‘We dine this with rice-wine prepared by snake’s blood’, says Din Tin Dung who works as a chef in a restaurant at Yenbai province in Hanoi. ”Snake meat is a good source of protein which helps you to become healthy,” confides a snake catcher named Dwang Kwak Khan.” It helps to increase your stamina too”,he adds.

Even though it looks bizarre to outsiders, Vietnamese are enjoying delicious snake meat every day hoping that one day, they could be healthy and strong like King Cobra.