Wax gourd can reduce depression and anxiety disorder

With the scientific name Benincasa Hispidia, wax gourd has many varieties such as ghee wax gourd, half size wax gourd, fat wax gourd etc. Unripe wax gourd is also in use which is, according to Ayurveda, has the capacity to balance kapha dosha (The three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. are biological energies found throughout the body and mind).

Ayurveda attributes a special status to wax gourd and describes it as the best amongst valley fruits.

Health benefits:

1. Being rich in fibre and having less quantity of carbohydrates and fat, wax gourd constitutes very less calories thus very effective for weight loss.

2. On account of having higher potassium content, wax gourd is alkaline in nature, hence very beneficial in treating vata pitta and raktha (blood). Because of the same reason and rich in minerals, it is diuretic too and Ayurveda describes this feature as “Vasti Shodhaka”.

3. Sushruta, one of the exponents of Ayurveda, in his famous work Sushruta Samhitha features the importance of wax gourd in the treatment of mental problems and he explains that wax gourd can abate many mental diseases like depression and anxiety disorder like problems.

Other health benefits:

1. Wax gourd is cold and sticky, hence beneficial in treating the bleeding disorders invariably at any condition.

2. Those who are struggling with hyper acidity and ulcers can depend on the healing capacity of wax gourd by way of having it daily either in the form of juice or as a nutriment.

3. Wax gourd reduces the sugar level in the blood. It also relieves constipation.

4. Women who struggle with the difficulties of menopause should add more wax gourd items in their recipe as it relieves pain and inflammation.

5. The seeds of the wax gourd is used in treating helminthiasis.

Home remedies using wax gourd as main ingredient

1. Having wax gourd juice sweetened with rock candy daily would abate the difficulties of mental problems.

2. Wax gourd soup is best in treating incessant cough. It will increase brain capacity and memory power. But must be consumed only under the prescription of a doctor.

3. The fluid extracted from the wax gourd dispels dandruff. The best way to use this fluid is to mix it with  some coconut oil and smear it on the head.

4. A unique ghee prepared using fluid wax gourd and some other herbs as main ingredients has been prescribed as a medicine for epilepsy.

5. In Vietnam, it is reported that a unique soup prepared using pork bones and wax gourd juice as main ingredient has been consumed while in post delivery care period.

All these preparations must be consumed only under the prescription of a doctor.

                                                                         courtesy:Dr. Shabu Pattambi