WHO praises Indian model for combating the virus

New Delhi: The virus is spreading haywire. The number of people with the infection is increasing daily. Government officials of countries and health authorities are on their toes to help people understand the situation. A lot of information about controlling its spread is out. People are confused and panicky about what to be done. The world is now looking at the India government as an ideal model for the strategies it developed for effectively combating the coronavirus.

The WHO too has come forward to shower its praise on the government’s commitment and will power to effectively handle this panic situation that has infected more than 168,000 people and killed over 6600 globally. Henk Bekedam, the WHO Representative to India, applauded the apex medical research institute for managing to isolate the strains of Sars-Cov-2 while speaking to reporters after a meeting with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

“I think the commitment of the Indian government from the top level — the Prime Minister’s office himself — has been enormous, very impressive. This is one of the reasons why India is doing very well. I am very impressed that everyone has been mobilised,” Bekedam said.

“We have very good research capacity in India and especially at the ICMR and the Department of Health Research. They have been able to isolate the virus, (and) now India will continue to be part of the research community,” he added. The ICMR claimed that they have been successful in isolating the new strains of the coronavirus and that this is a first step towards developing drugs and vaccines for COVID-19.

So far, in India 126 cases of the virus infection has been reported and 3 people are known to have died due to the virus. Although, the virus infection originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, today, it has infected more than 167,500 people and killed 6600 across the globe.