Yoga Asanas For Asthma

A pulmonary disease, Asthma could be understood as obstructed breathing. The excessive formation of mucus in the lungs obstvructs the contraction and expansion of the air sacs in the lungs and subsequently breathing becomes heavy and obstructed. Usually this is caused by factors, which are both internal and external. The most common cause for asthma is allergy. Dust, cold climate, smoke etc. are included in the external factors and lactose intolerance and cold foods belong to the internal factors, which causes asthma. Modern medical science treats asthma through various methods, which improve the expansion and contraction of the lungs. Yoga also follows a similar method and quite a lot of studies are being conducted in this field.

Along with Jalawamanadauthi, Udhayanabandham and Neti some asanas can be extremely useful in treating Asthama. Asanas like Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Mathsyasana and Ushtrasana are widely practiced to cure the symptoms yoga. It is important that all the above methods be practiced under the supervision of a licensed practitioner to improve the positive effects and reduce the negative effects.


Matsyasana is a kind of Yoga posture that takes up the shape of fish. Sit down in Patmasana and bend backwards. Bend the head backwards to touch the floor. Make sure that the spine is bended and that the chest is pushed upwards. Concentrate on the breath for some time, exhale and come back to the initial position. Practicing this asana helps in the smooth functioning of the thyroid, the pituitary, the pineal and the adrenal glands.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Lie down facing the floor and keep your legs together. Stretch your toes to the maximum. Keep your palm close to your shoulder and raise the body including face, shoulders, chest, and stomach until navel using the hands. While rising up, breathe in and balance your body on the hands.


Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is a back stretching exercises and one of the basic Hatha yoga asanas. Due to the mindful stretching that it is provided by the asana one would extremely relieved from the difficulties of Asthma. This asana should be practiced in the morning in an empty stomach.

Steps: Lie flat on the stomach and keep the feet apart and arms nearer to body. In next step fold the body and hold the ankles. While taking breath in lift the chest, legs, and stretch the legs back. Look straight. Keep the mind in peace, stick on this asana about 15-20 seconds, exhale, and free the pose.


Sit down in Vajrasana and then bend your body backwards, holding the foot with the hands.remain in this position for some time, concentrating on the breath. Breathe out and come back to the initial position. This asana improves breathing and enhances the functioning of the nervous system, the pancreas, the kidneys and the liver.

Along with these asanas Urdhva mukha shvanasana and Adho mukha shvaanasana will also help to cure the symptoms of Asthma.